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Know Your Home

The best way for you and whanau to protect your home, to minimise delay and unnecessary cost, is by having good data (data that travels with each home) prior to a disaster.

Be Future Prepared

Disaster can strike at any time. By having quality-pre-disaster-data on your home means your dream team can better determine the conservatively appropriate reinstatement strategy to fix the damage. Not only that, quality-pre-disaster-data will speed up the insurance process, reduce risk of delay, and make it much harder for damage to be missed and/or misunderstood.

Prove Your Loss

It is human nature to think it will never happen to you, until it does. If you follow good process you get back on track more efficiently and well.

Disaster Strikes

If an earthquake, fire, flood or some other type of disaster event has damaged your home, lodge your insurance claim. Then STOP and contact us. We will work with you on the process, form your dream team around you, kicking off initial assessment processes (Stage One).


“Without HouseStuff helping us through the process we would’ve been overwhelmed”

Sander – Onsold Programme

From proving loss to good as new

Disaster Strikes

With quality-pre-disaster-data you are well prepared to get your home back as good as new.

The Worst Has Happened

All going well you have your really good data about your home, stored with us, good routines were followed, great technology used, and historical data has traveled with your home from previous owners to you. If you don’t have quality-pre-disaster data we work with what we can gather to being  navigate the processes you need to follow to reinstate  your home correctly and well. Regardless, now it has happened, lodge your claim, now STOP, and let’s get on with Stage One: Initial Assessment.

1. Initial Assessment

Invest in your own initial damage assessments rather than fully relying on an insurer to do this for you - it is your responsibility after all.

Determine the Damage

If you get this stage right you are on the right pathway and have more confidence about what has happened to your home and what comes next. At this early stage we begin to connect you with information about best insurance and construction process, often a little about entitlements and reinstatement standard/s. This is because to us it is important to us you establish personal knowledge base about the process, so you are better positioned to make informed decisions.

2. Detailed Assessment

Based on the findings from the initial assessment a range of other assessment may be necessary to ensure all damage is correctly understood.

Deep Dive Facts About Your Home

Detailed assessment processes are not limited to, and nor do they solely pivot on, structural engineering. It is likely, after a significant insurance event you need a team of experts to ensure damage and any enabling work is correctly determined prior to your reinstatement strategy being agreed and costed. Your choice of professionals can make a significant difference. If you get it right at this stage it can reduce significant issues for you later.

3. Scope and Price

Reinstatement strategies must reflect insurance entitlements. Cost is not the barrier to a correct reinstatement strategy.

Know the Cost and the Full Scope

To correctly reinstate your home you need a team of professionals and practitioners to participate in the scope and pricing exercise. For example, quantity surveyors, builders, lawyers, subject matter experts, and as appropriate a structural and geo-technical engineers, and often an architect. Your insurer’s claim specialist has an important role to play too, and must be included in the process at the right time.

4. Reinstating Your Home

Whether the reinstatement means repairing or rebuilding your home, to us, it is done with you involved, in full consultation with your team.

Doing the Work

This is when the work happens, and  you are central to your project – it is your home. We want you to visit site. We want you to meet with your team regularly. We want you to ask questions. To reconnect with your home after a disaster it is important you be involved as your home is reinstated to as good (often even better) as new. Our job is to quality manage your team and the process throughout, compiling the data for your HouseBook.

Know Your Home 2.0

Your reinstatement is is completed. If you weren't prepared for this disaster, you are now better prepared for the next one.

Better Prepared than Ever

On completion of your reinstatement project a detailed post reinstatement inspection is completed, and your HouseBook finalised. You and your home are back together ready for the future.
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Piece of mind for the now & the future

One of our passions is to help you ensure your home is correctly reinstated after a disaster. We work hard to help you be familiar with the process that works for you and your home. Our other passion? Helping you be prepared by having good data on your home. We work with some of the very best (and like minded) professionals and practitioners, people who were invested in getting the right outcomes for homeowners since 2010/11.


 “The HouseStuff team work consultatively with EQC, but are fully engaged by me. HouseStuff took risk seriously and in doing so ensured my interest was protected and my risk well managed. I highly recommend HouseStuff.”

Daniel (New Brighton), Onsold Homeowner

“We are now extremely confident in our assessments and know we have the right reinstatement strategy for our home. We found EQC to be good to deal with in the last few years, but we are still very pleased that we took an independent approach.” 

Andrew (Selwyn District), Time of Event Homeowner
Anna (Opawa), Time of Event Homeowner
Sander (St Albans), Onsold Homeowner
Neal (St Albans), Onsold Homeowner

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Ben (City) , Onsold Homeowner

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Sam Bradley, Sam Bradley Builder

“What I like about their approach is their clear explanations, that they are focused on risk mitigation not only for their clients, but the builders and the wider team they work with. It is great to be working in space where we are putting homes and lives back together after 10 years.


Russell Devlin, Architect, Solarchitect

“We highly recommend you use them to obtain your initial assessment data and follow their processes. The imagery from their sub-floor bots is exceptional; making our job so much easier.”

Ben (CPEng), Structural Engineer

“”when the HouseStuff team contacted us and outlined how the Onsold Programme works, we thought we would give it a go. It is exciting to have the opportunity to work with a team focused on reinstating a house, where we can work directly for the homeowner – knowing we are getting a good outcome for them, for their insurer and for our city.

Grant (CPEng), Structural Engineer

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