About Us

We learnt the lessons from Canterbury, we were there for the duration and members of our team effected positive change for many Canterbury homeowners. We know how to help you be prepared. We know what you need to know about the current state of your home and the routines you need to follow. We know how to get it right first time. We know how to help you reinstate ethically, with integrity, we know the best practice and the best people.

Mel Bourke established HouseStuff in 2020 with her husband Roger post Aotearoa New Zealand’s 2020 nationwide Covid lock down. HouseStuff is a blending of very strong skill sets along with a team of great people.

HouseStuff brings together project management, construction skills and expertise, robotics, extensive post disaster residential insurance knowledge and experience, integrated with good communication and use of process and technology.

Roger Bourke
Roger BourkeProject Director

Roger has extensive experience as a project manager and engineer both in New Zealand and off-shore. He has considerable experience working in challenging and cultural diverse environments such as Kazakhstan, the Middle East and Asia. Closer to home Roger worked on construction, manufacturing and automation projects up and down New Zealand and across Australia.

Many of the large complex projects Roger was invited to manage over the years came about because they were ‘failed projects’; projects that started with the very best of intentions, but derailed for a range of reasons. Roger was often head hunted due to his ability and capacity to troubleshoot, find root cause, bring the right team together, make the hard calls and ultimately close the project out successfully.

A member of Engineering New Zealand, holding a Master of Project Management, with extensive and practical experience in construction and automation, Roger is also a qualified industrial electrician and still holds his practicing certificate. Roger pays attention to the details, understands process and design, and is well prepared to ask the hard questions.

For Roger, having a career that involved ensuring that safety and quality systems were robust and ethical on complex multi billion dollar projects, dealing with his own first hand experience of a failed Canterbury repair, he is dedicated to ensuring each HouseStuff project delivers an outcome homeowners can have confidence in.

Graeme Cornelius
Graeme CorneliusTechnical Project Manager

Graeme has project management, quality assurance and safety experience with an extensive and in depth background in construction and civil engineering.

With experience spanning more than 25 years in commercial building and residential housing, work programming, heavy earthworks, roads, railways, bridges, river protection, high voltage power line construction and maintenance, Graeme is an asset to the HouseStuff team.

From his years of real life experience Graeme understands buildings. He knows what works and what does not . Like many in the HouseStuff team Graeme wants to see change in how we reinstate people’s homes post a natural disaster.

He is easy to talk to, knows his stuff. His quiet but confident demeanor has helped put many a homeowner at ease, and diffused many complex site meetings for all stakeholders.

Graeme is a Registered Engineering Associate, holds a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Civil and Structural), a Supplementary Certificate Computing for Engineers, Certificate in Quality Assurance, a Diploma Proof Reading and Editing (Dip Edit) [much need when report writing and reviewing} and yes, he is a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Coral Macdonald
Coral MacdonaldOffice Manager

Coral is an integral part of the team coming to us with a background in office management. Coral and her husband ran their own very successful company for many years.

Coral is methodical and motivated, when Coral is given a task we know it gets done. She is open, friendly and good fun.

Coral is most often your first point of contact. She will want to ensure she helps you get connected with the right service and team member.

Don’t forget to ask Coral about the Nut Buster, Extreme Enduro or her vege garden. We all envy Coral’s vege garden.

Rokka Tech
Rokka TechRobotics

Toby Bourke, owner of Rokka Tech, has a unique ability to see a problem and design a practical tech solution. He began building proto-type underfloor bots since 2017, using a range of 3D printers and custom code. Toby was commissioned to build a robotic arm in 2019, and has recently completed the first low profile underfloor bot available in New Zealand.

Rokka Tech’s bots all adhere to health and safety regulations, running on correct frequencies. Custom built to Toby’s own designs, his intention is develop a range of bots for sale and use use up and down New Zealand.

Toby was accepted for his PhD with the University of Canterbury after successfully completing his Bachelor of Engineering (mechanics) in 2020.

The quality of the imagery from the bots HouseStuff use are some of the very best in New Zealand.

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